How Do We Use Your Gifts?

Philanthropic gifts help Yeshiva University enhance, transform, and grow. Thanks to the faithful and committed support of our donors, we continually work to provide the best educational experience for our students. You are truly our partners in making that happen.

Your generous gift will go toward the following YU initiatives and more:

Student Scholarships

Scholarships are YU’s top priority. Our success starts with attracting the best students. Support for aid, which allows so many promising students to attend YU, is the most fundamental way to invest in our success—and theirs.

At YU, we have made a commitment that not a single deserving student will miss out on the transformational YU experience as a result of financial need. And we make good on this promise: 80% of our students receive some type of financial aid.

Thanks to your legacy gift, we can continue to pursue this pledge.

Faculty Support

Talented faculty are at the core of YU, tasked with bringing excellence to their classroom, research, and creative work. The most significant tool we have for recruiting and retaining top talent is to offer endowed professorships and chairs, which provide financial resources that help improve the compensation of all outstanding faculty members. This investment produces a significant return, drawing in distinguished students as well as providing faculty with the resources they need to pursue cutting-edge research and big ideas.

Thanks to your legacy gift, we can recruit and retain YU professors who not only teach but inspire and challenge—bolstering our reputation and attracting top students and research dollars.

Improved Facilities and Technology

Our plans to retrofit, renovate, and update our facilities for the campus community, both today’s and tomorrow’s, will position us for success as we move ahead. Our campus must reflect the excellence of our programs, which is why we've made a commitment to expand and modernize the environment where we teach and students learn. In order to compete for the best and brightest recruits, our facilities must encompass the most innovative teaching tools and the latest technology and equipment for education and research.

Thanks to your legacy gift, we can create the learning environments of the future—and the top professionals of tomorrow—by incorporating emerging technology with demonstrated teaching models.



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